Month: August 2018

Victoria Memorial Hall

Kolkata; a perfect blend of art, science and romance

Whether you are a regular citizen of Kolkata, or travelling through the Eastern part of India, there are unlimited magical experiences to be gathered. As they say, you never return empty-handed from the city of joy. The streets are filled with curious people with innocent smiles on their faces. Not only they are eager to help you find an ideal route to your destination, if possible they would...
The Academy of Fine Arts

3 must-visits for art lovers in Kolkata

While Kolkata is a metropolis on its own, its heart beats for art. Over the years, the world has witnessed unprecedented rise of hundreds of scholars, painters, film makers, authors, etc. from this particular part of India. Be it the first Nobel Prize for the Indian subcontinent secured by Rabindranath Tagore, or the Lifetime Achievement Oscar for Satyajit Ray, the people of Kolkata has a lot of...
Travel Kolkata

Lesser known facts about our ‘Tilottama’

Our beloved city; Kolkata, offers more than just shelter and food to its habitants. Beyond the enthusiasm of the daily hustle its people go through, Kolkata is not a mere capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is more to that. Known for its cultural heritage and humble population, the city has thrived over the years to emerge as a popular tourist spot for foreigners. Known city with...