Lesser known facts about our ‘Tilottama’

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Our beloved city; Kolkata, offers more than just shelter and food to its habitants. Beyond the enthusiasm of the daily hustle its people go through, Kolkata is not a mere capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is more to that. Known for its cultural heritage and humble population, the city has thrived over the years to emerge as a popular tourist spot for foreigners.

Travel Kolkata

Known city with unknown facts

Being the most populous city of Eastern India, Kolkata witnesses a blend of diverse cultures and languages. Today we bring forward the lesser known facts that would inspire the reader to travel back in time and explore the origins of the city of joy.

Here is the list of places in Kolkata, which was not the same as it is today.

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Laal Bazaar

The first image that appears before our eyes when hearing the term, ‘Laal Bazaar’ is the headquarters of the state and city police. While one may think that the place derived its name from a market (bazaar), originally there was no such marketplace in the area. In fact, the area was mainly crowded with a number of bars, restaurants, etc. Also the term ‘Laal’ resembles the color of wine served in those bars. In fact, legend has it that after exhaustive sea travels, British soldiers gathered in this area for some treat.

Tiretta Bazaar

Let us discuss about Tiretta Bazaar; an absolute delight for food lovers. One may visit the place at dawn to experience some mouthwatering dumplings. However, did you know how this colorful market came into existence? The place is named after Mr. Edward Tiretta, the designer and builder of the marketplace. In fact, Tiretta Bazaar is considered to be the first modern planned market of Kolkata. The area originally belonged to the government, which Mr. Tiretta took on lease in exchange of Rupees 500 per year.

Creek Row

Did you know that the Creek Row was originally named after a stream of water (creek) that once passed through the areas of Beliaghata to Esplanade, through Sealdah and met the river Ganges near Babughat? The creek still exists today; however its size is nowhere comparable to what it used to be when it formed the border around the ancient village of ‘Kalikata’.


Ahiritola has posed as a delight for street photographers because of the abundant availability of Victorian architecture and vintage corridors. The by-lanes here are famous for its maze effects. Several documentaries have been developed based on the unique identity of this area. Ahiritola, being one of the oldest existing localities of Kolkata, was named after the Ahirs; a traditional community involved in cow-herding.

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