Kolkata; a perfect blend of art, science and romance

Victoria Memorial Hall

Whether you are a regular citizen of Kolkata, or travelling through the Eastern part of India, there are unlimited magical experiences to be gathered. As they say, you never return empty-handed from the city of joy. The streets are filled with curious people with innocent smiles on their faces. Not only they are eager to help you find an ideal route to your destination, if possible they would certainly share their life stories with you over a cup of chai (Indian term for ‘tea’).

The city of mixed worlds

As you already know, Kolkata; previously known as Calcutta, was the first capital of British India. Over time, the city has developed into a gallery of memories; few faded and some everlasting. Here you would be able to find significant contributions from the early British architects. Victorian architecture along with modern day state-of-art skyscrapers dominates the city skyline. Under the iconic neon streetlights, can still be found traces of India’s rich cultural history. Here are some of the must-visit places in the metropolis that would be worth spending your time.

Victoria Memorial Palace

Victoria Memorial Hall

Initially this iconic palace, made out of marbles was dedicated to Queen Victoria, who died in 1901. The palace was built over a period of 15 years and was completed in 1921 under the proposal of the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. Today, the grand building has turned into one of the most visited museums in India. The architecture is worth noticing. You might feel time flying fast; as you gaze upon the artistic wonders excavated into the walls and pillars of this exceptionally well-built monument.

The Science City

Science City

Indian subcontinent’s largest science centre welcomes you with an opportunity to discover new facts about the universe we live in. The science city offers a pool of knowledge for science enthusiasts. Learn about the different phases of life and watch scientific documentaries at the iconic spherical projection theatre. There are more to see and do than one can possibly imagine.

Sail below the Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge

Howrah bridge; officially known as Rabindra Setu, is the gateway to Kolkata, connecting the metropolis with its neighbor Howrah. This hanging bridge is a marvel on its own and an exceptionally well executed engineering work. You can set sail on the Hooghly River in a fishing boat, while noticing the age old skyline of the city joined by the modern architectural wonders. Evenings feel exceptionally beautiful in this part of the town, as colorful lights reflect on the waterbed, making it ideal for a romantic date in the middle of the river.

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